I’m Perdita Felicien…

World Champion. Olympian. Author. TV Host. Speaker.

I’m mostly known for racing all around the world over hurdles and being considered one of the best to ever do it. My career lasted more than a decade and nowadays I host a Television series called “All Round Champion”, cover Olympic sports and most recently wrote a memoir, about my mother and I.

But most days you can find me at home in Toronto with my husband and our baby girl, where I experiment often with new cooking recipes and shamelessly binge watch Youtube drama channels and 90 Day Fiancé.

Looking For More?

As you’ve probably discovered I wear a lot of hats—I bet you do too. If you’re looking for my memoir scroll down just a bit more, and if you’re not looking for anything specific, all good, stay as long as you want!

The Athlete

If you’re curious about how I got started in sport, and of all things the 100m hurdles, you’re in the right place.

The TV Host & Broadcaster

If you’re here for more on my media work, you’re in the right place, just click the link below.

The Speaker

This link is definitely for you if you’re interested in my work as a motivational presenter, or if you’re throwing an awesome event and would like me there.

My Mother's Daughter

A phenomenal, human story. . . . I could not put this book down.”

— Clara Hughes, Six-Time Olympic medalist and author of Open Heart, Open Mind

A raw and affecting memoir about a mother and daughter who beat the odds together.

Decades before Perdita Felicien became a World Champion hurdler running the biggest race of her life at the 2004 Olympics, she carried more than a nation’s hopes—she carried her mother Catherine’s dreams.

Perdita’s Book is Available NOW!

Published by Doubleday Canada

A portion of each book sale will be donated to The Denise House, the women’s crisis
shelter in Oshawa, Ontario, that helped Perdita, her mother and sister in 1987.